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The ZIP Search (Our most popular search) is designed to give you a very broad look at the offenders in your area when you’re just interested in browsing the database or if you don’t have any specific information about a particular person. If you’d like to take advantage of more advanced search tools that allow you to be more precise in your queries, or if you’d like to be able to search an entire state, please try one of our other search tools:


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The profiles found on this website are legally obtained PUBLIC RECORDS. As a private database we have archived the information released by a wide range of Government Agencies – over 200 resources are utilized to gather our data. We have the legal right to disseminate this information, and our position has been validated by a number of US Supreme Court Rulings. Furthermore, all 50 States have a version of the Freedom of the Information Act (FOIA) as well as Public Records Acts. and many other Federal and State laws that allow Sex Offender records to remain public even if a Sex Offender is no longer required to register with the current State’s Registry, a record has been expunged or sealed, offense or threat level has been changed/lowered or even if an individual is deceased.