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Power Search by keyword. Here you can search by any keyword you like. It can be an offenders name or address a Zip Code, etc.. This is a very powerful search tool and may take a little bit of practice to master.

The keyword search page allows you to take a different approach to searching. Want to search by name and state? Just enter any part of the offender’s name and state in the box. You can also enter the offender’s street address, city, aliases, or any other bit of information that you think might be on record for a given offender. For best results, be as specific as possible, and read the advanced search guide for additional help.

Finally, note that a maximum of 500 offender records will be returned. If your search results in more than 500 records being found, you should make your search criteria more specific. Note that advanced keyword searching is possible (e.g., offenders named John Smith in Kentucky but not in Louisville.



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The information below is for the advanced users that wish to utilize the full potential of our keyword search. Advanced Keyword Search HelpThe advanced keyword search allows you to be extremely precise in your inquiry. By default, if you use the advanced-match option and simply enter a collection of words / names, it works as if you had selected the “match all” option. Otherwise, you can use the list of operators below to refine your query.

          • The OR operator: | Example: california | oregon Matches records which contain ONE OR MORE of the terms — california, oregon — in any order or any combination.


        • The AND operator: & Example: sacramento & california Matches records which contain BOTH the search terms — sacramento and california — in any order and in any combination. Note that using the explicit “&” operator is not required; a search for sacramento california is equivalent to sacramento & california.


        • The NOT operator: ! or - Example: smith -jones Match records which contain smith and do NOT contain jones.


        • The phrase grouping operator: "" Example: "long beach" This would look for records that contain the two-word phrase long beach. Performing the same search without the quotes around the phrase would return all the records that contain the words long and beach but in any order and in any combination.


        • The proximity-search operator: ""~N Example: "stephen parker"~3 This will look for the name stephen parker with less than 3 words between stephen and parker. This is particularly helpful when you know the offender’s first name and last name but are unsure as to whether or not Mr. Parker has a middle name.


        • Precedence & grouping: () Parentheses function exactly the same way that they do with traditional algebraic and logical expressions, changing the precedence and order of operations of a search query.



          1. "newberry drive" & 85284 -incest Look for offenders residing on Newberry Drive in ZIP code 85284 that were charged with a crime other than incest.


        • california & (fresno|indio) & hispanic & "julio martinez"~3 Look for all Hispanic offenders residing in either Fresno or Indio, California, who are named Julio Martinez or some close variant.


        • "george bush" -"george herbert walker bush" Do a nationwide search for offenders named George Bush, but exclude any who share the same full name as the 41st President of the United States.


The profiles found on this website are legally obtained PUBLIC RECORDS. As a private database we have archived the information released by a wide range of Government Agencies – over 200 resources are utilized to gather our data. We have the legal right to disseminate this information, and our position has been validated by a number of US Supreme Court Rulings. Furthermore, all 50 States have a version of the Freedom of the Information Act (FOIA) as well as Public Records Acts. and many other Federal and State laws that allow Sex Offender records to remain public even if a Sex Offender is no longer required to register with the current State’s Registry, a record has been expunged or sealed, offense or threat level has been changed/lowered or even if an individual is deceased.