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Attorney Direct Contact Request


Due to the many conflicts,threats,unreasonable requests and false accusations about this website, individuals may no longer submit a removal request without a licensed Attorney. If you would like to dispute your record please have your Attorney use the form below. We do not under any circumstances respond to any inquiries from any attorney unless they are initiated from this form. All other requests are deleted automatically. THIS IS NOT A MUGSHOT REMOVAL SITE SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK US TO PAY FOR REMOVAL.

This is not a Sex Offender Registry, This is a PRIVATE ARCHIVE comprised of legally obtained PUBLIC RECORDS. We do not have an “official” association and/or affiliation with any Government Agencies. We are not under any legal obligation to remove any valid public record or to be in sync with any official sex offender registry. THESE ARE OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORDS. WE NEVER INPUT DATA We simply legally collect data from various public and private sources and reproduce as allowed to by law.

Many States have a number of different rules and procedures for a Registered Sex Offender to no longer appear on or be required to register with that State’s current Sex Offender Registry (SOR). This type of change of current status with the various SOR’s does NOT magically erase the release of the original factual PUBLIC RECORD. This applies to whether the records have since been sealed, expunged, deferred or an offense level changed.

If you feel your clients record is not or NEVER was a valid public record and feel should be removed from this database complete the form below.



Record Removal Request. (Direct Attorney Contact Only)

If you are a licensed attorney and would like to communicate with us about your clients record directly you may fill out the form below. Any threats of legal action will cease all communications immediately. You will be allowed one submission so please think carefully before you hit the submit button.
  • Please include middle name if one appears in the record.
  • Note: We do not consider any request unless the link is on this website.
  • Include State and Bar Number Of The Attorney We Will Be Speaking With.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    We allow and require one file upload initially that supports your request. If more are needed we will request them from you. You can always scan more documents into one file however please keep the file size to a minimum.The documentation you provide electronically must be reviewed by in-house counsel or authorized agent to verify its authenticity.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    You must upload a court document which identifies the court and the case number. The documentation you provide electronically must be reviewed by in-house counsel or authorized agent to verify its authenticity.


All Requests Made By Unrepresented  Individuals Will Be Deleted Need A Lawyer Click Here


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Notice: This website strictly reserves and hereby gives notice to the private sector our right to enforce our No Confidentiality Clause which allows us to to publish any and all information sent via this form and all other forms on our website including any and all Voice mails or any other form of communication with us.(we also may if needed post directly to the sex offenders public record) this includes any and all communication including threats,legal threats,legal action,or hostile communications). Be careful what you say as it may (and probably will) become public.


(Courts,Government Officials,Police etc are encouraged to make initial contact By Fax (800) 735-2567 using official GOVERNMENT letterhead directed to us as cover along with any official documents.) This option is only for official government inquiries and court orders directed at this website . Faxes without proper letterhead will be deleted. All documents included will be verified before any action taken.